After Awareness: Mobilizing Your Human Firewall With PhishNotify

Your employees are at the front line of your security perimeter. Once you’ve taught them how to identify and avoid phishing attacks with SecurityIQ, the PhishNotify™ email reporting plugin will empower them to report phishing attacks in real time. Join Zach Luze, CISSP, CISA and CISO at Tennessee State University, to learn how he uses PhishNotify at the college to:

-Increase user security awareness

-Decrease time-to-detect periods

-Monitor email-based security threats

Emma Waite, SecurityIQ Solutions Manager, will join Zach to overview PhishNotify’s capabilities and provide a sneak peek of SecurityIQ’s exciting, soon-to-be-released threat classification and analysis tool, PhishHunter.

Learn More about SecurityIQ here.

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