Breaking Down BEC: The $9 Billion Security Threat You Can’t Ignore


Business email compromise (BEC) attacks are a growing threat facing businesses of all sizes. According to the FBI, BEC attacks cost businesses $5.3 billion from 2013 to 2016 — a figure Trend Micro predicts will grow to $9 billion by the end of 2018. To help you learn more about BEC attacks and measures you can take now to protect your organization, information security leaders from InfoSec Institute and DarkMatter share practical tips for BEC threat mitigation.

  • The anatomy of a BEC attack

  • Prevalent attack types to watch out for

  • BEC prevention methods, including security awareness training

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Introducing BEC: The Great White Shark of Social Engineering

Angelina M Duca
about 1 year agoOctober 24, 2018
very interesting...informational for every business
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It is good.
about 1 year agoNovember 7, 2018
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